Issue 228: The future of APIs

Welcome to ISSUE #228 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: we've got big news with two new partnerships, exploring the circular reasoning behind gravity, and rewilding the internet.

From the blog

OverflowAI is now Generally Available! A new era of community-driven AI

We're excited to announce the general availability of OverflowAI to Stack Overflow for Teams! OverflowAI represents a big step forward in our vision of integrating GenAI offerings within knowledge communities.

The reverse mullet model of software engineering

Ben and Ryan are joined by software developer and listener Patrick Carlile for a conversation about how the job market for software engineers has changed since the dot-com days, navigating boom-and-bust hiring cycles, and the developers finding work at Walmart and In-N-Out. Plus: “Party in the front, business in the back” isn’t just for haircuts anymore.

Stack Overflow and Indeed partner to support developers in their job search with the launch of Stack Overflow Jobs

Our collaboration will focus on resources and content to aid the world’s most sought-after tech talent in their job search and ongoing career development.

Stack Overflow and OpenAI partner to strengthen the world’s most popular large language models

This new API partnership will empower developers with the collective strengths of the world’s leading knowledge platform for highly technical content with the world’s most popular LLM models for AI development.

Reshaping the future of API platforms

Marco Palladino, CTO and cofounder of cloud-native API gateway Kong, talks with Ryan about the complexities of multi-cloud Kubernetes architecture, how AI has the potential to improve infrastructure management, and how Kong’s large action model will reshape the future of API platforms.

A must-have resource for building generative AI on AWS

Learn practical ways to apply generative AI to your business use cases with the Generative AI on AWS e-book. Perform prompt engineering and explore different types of models, including LLMs. Get your copy today, compliments of DoiT.

Interesting questions

If gravity is not a force, what makes massive objects spheroid?

Even if it isn't a force, gravity still makes the worlds go round.

What to do when a coauthor suggests I fluff up a manuscript?

What you view as “fluff,” others might view as “writing a good introduction” or “writing a more comprehensive literature review.”

Fred closes a stranger's truck door; the truck later burns down. What is Fred's liability?

Depends. Is starting fires with a slammed door a feature or a bug?

Troubleshooting why my hammock fell

It's literally a support issue.

Links from around the web

Community is a Tamagotchi

In tech communities, you only get what you give!

Why don’t we talk about minifying CSS anymore?

Most modern front-end tooling takes care of minification for us now, but there are still performance impacts we should know.

The art of instructional writing

If you're writing for fellow developers or users of your software, you can learn a lot from this short but powerful talk.

We need to rewild the internet

Rewilding "aims to restore healthy ecosystems by creating wild, biodiverse spaces." Could we do that not just in nature, but online?

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