Issue 230: The new dev survey is here!

Welcome to ISSUE #230 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: going behind the scenes with our enhanced search feature, trying to not get arrested for photographing seahorses, and squaring away all the ways to make CSS shapes.

From the blog

The Good, the Bad, and the Disruptive: Let us know where you stand in the 2024 Annual Developer Survey

This year we are asking familiar questions about your experience, but also have some new questions about what embedded programming technology you are using and what AI ethical responsibilities are most important to you.

You should keep a developer’s journal

A developer’s journal is a place to define the problem you’re solving and record what you tried and what worked.

How to train your dream machine

Ben and Ryan talk with Vikram Chatterji, founder and CEO of Galileo, a company focused on building and evaluating generative AI apps. They discuss the challenges of benchmarking and evaluating GenAI models, the importance of data quality in AI systems, and the trade-offs between using pre-trained models and fine-tuning models with custom data.

OverflowAI and the holy grail of search

Product manager Ash Zade joins the home team to talk about the journey to OverflowAI, a GenAI-powered add-on for Stack Overflow for Teams that’s available now. Ash describes how his team built Enhanced Search, the problems they set out to solve, how they ensured data quality and accuracy, the role of metadata and prompt engineering, and the feedback they’ve gotten from users so far.

Why your engineering team needs a CDP - Twilio Segment

In this playbook, you’ll learn how engineering teams use real-time customer data to achieve business goals, and how to elevate your business to a new level of engineering efficiency with AI. Collect, Unify & Connect Data Real-Time, Real Fast. Download the report.

Interesting questions

Why "guilty" or "not guilty"and not "guilty" or "innocent"?

“Trials do not establish innocence because it is presumed.”

How long does malware last "in the wild"?

“You might be misunderstanding how infections work.”

Is it an offense to photograph a seahorse?

That explains the lack of seahorse influencers.

I missed a paper from the past year which is very close to what I am doing. What should I do?

Maybe being scooped like this is good; you're thinking about what's on everyone's mind.

Links from around the web

UI density

The "density" of information and actions on our screens has changed a lot in the past few decades.

The curious case of the missing period

Sometimes a single character can send an engineer through hoops and hurdles for ages.


Some software is so good, it changes how you think and work almost instantly. Which ones have done that for you?

The modern guide for making CSS shapes

Making shapes in CSS is a classic exercise, and there are more modern ways to do them now!

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