Issue 231: What developers really think of coding assistants

Welcome to ISSUE #231 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: How devs are using CodeGen tools, how to respond when a client does an unauthorized penetration test on your platform, and whether music can make food taste better.

From the blog

Developers get by with a little help from AI: Stack Overflow Knows code assistant pulse survey results

We asked when and how often CodeGen tools fall short, what challenges developers face with these tools, and what they are doing with all of the free time these tools purport to offer.

An open-source development paradigm

Temporal is an open-source project focused on durable execution and workflow orchestration. Cofounder and CTO Maxim Fateev tells Ben and Ryan about the challenges of building a cloud service based on an open-source project and how Temporal is helping teams simplify their code and build more features more quickly.

Would you board a plane safety-tested by GenAI?

Ben and Ryan are joined by Robin Gupta for a conversation about benchmarking and testing AI systems. They talk through the lack of trust and confidence in AI, the inherent challenges of nondeterministic systems, the role of human verification, and whether we can (or should) expect an AI to be reliable.

Slow software delivery? Speed it up with monday dev

monday dev helps R&D teams speed up their software development lifecycle, all on one platform. Sprints, bugs, product roadmaps, and more – plus integrations with the tools they already use like Jira, Github, Gitlab, and Slack. Try monday dev for free now.

Interesting questions

How to deal as a PhD student with a working colleague who is doing private business during working hours?

Are you familiar with the expression “Paddle your own canoe”?

Was the appearance of the sand worms in David Lynch's Dune (1984) completely original to that film?

Nope, but it was original to the Dune universe.

A client did an unannounced penetration test on our platform

You say “unannounced penetration test,” I say “criminal hacking.”

How do black holes move if they are just regions in spacetime?

“The black hole is a corkscrew-shaped region of spacetime spiraling around the center of the galaxy.”

Links from around the web

Best practices for naming

How can we get better at one of the hardest problems in computer science: naming things?

AI headphones let wearer listen to a single person in a crowd

A University of Washington team built AI technology to help you focus on who you're listening to!

Coding accessibility: Software by the blind, for the blind

Meet the community behind a free, open-source screen reader.

Can music make your food taste better?

Could sound, of all things, change how your food tastes?

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