Issue 234: The real 10x developer

Welcome to ISSUE #234 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: The real 10x developer, outlawing password managers at work, and fixing the two-page login.

From the blog

Enterprise 2024.4: Demonstrating and improving community impact

In the latest Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise release, you'll see reporting capabilities and insights that help demonstrate community impact. Microsoft customers can also rejoice: OverflowAI now includes an Auto-Answer App for Microsoft Teams.

The real 10x developer makes their whole team better

Single individuals make less of a difference to the success or failure of a technology project than you might think (and that’s a good thing).

Making ETL pipelines a thing of the past

On today’s episode we chat with Cassandra Shum, VP of Field Engineering at RelationalAI, about her company’s efforts to create what it calls the industry’s first coprocessor for data clouds and language models. The goal is to allow companies to keep all their data where it is today while still tapping into the capabilities of the latest generation of AI tools.

The world’s most popular web framework is going AI native

On today’s episode we chat with Jared Palmer, VP of AI at Vercel, who says the company has three key goals. First, support AI native web apps like ChatGPT and Claude. Second, use GenAI to make it easier to build. Third, provide an SDK so that developers have the tools they need to easily add GenAI to their websites.

The Power of Choice: Performance and Efficiency Without Compromise

Intel® Xeon® 6 processors introduce a robust computing platform that excels at both performance and efficiency, crucial for meeting the evolving demands of modern data centers. From powering compute-intensive AI to enabling scalable cloud-native microservices, the family of processors provide versatility for diverse operational and workload requirements.

Interesting questions

Can sacrificing a Queen be considered a brilliant move?

Chess.com sure thinks so.

Does the recommendation to use password managers also apply to corporate environments?

It does, unless those corporate environments are “naive and detached from reality.”

Advice for beginning cyclist

Need help getting rolling?

Why are amber bottles used to store water for HPLC?

Life finds a way.

Links from around the web

Let's create a terminal color scheme

A principal software engineer at Stack Overflow created a tool to build terminal color schemes (and dove deep into the color theory behind it all). Find the tool at rootloops.sh.

How to use Google Sheets as a database with React via Next.js

SQL? Postgres? Nah, spreadsheets!

Three pieces of advice on using modern C++ at Win32 API boundaries

C is a great language for the boundaries. But you can happily switch gears to modern C++ on your own side.

The 2-page login pattern and how to fix it

You have to log in everywhere. How can you make that experience better?

Potatoes are the perfect vegetable—but you’re eating them wrong

Do potatoes, of all things, need a rebrand?

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