Introducing Stack Overflow Careers

When we integrated jobs.stackoverflow.com, I dropped a little hint:

That said, this is just a start on the careers front. We have some more innovative things we are working on in this area that we hope to roll out in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Like, say, wouldn’t it be cool if your CV listed the stuff programmers really care about, such as your first computer

Joel just announced what we've been working on for the last 6-8 weeks at Boston DevDays:

Stack Overflow Careers

careers.stackoverflow.com is intended as a private complement to the public profiles at stackoverflow.com. Sam Saffron correctly identified our key goals in a speculative meta post:

I know what you're thinking, there is already the woeful non-international, poorly targeted, tiny note on every page and a check box on your profile that does nothing. Nonetheless, employers are willing to pay lots of money to find good people, and there is a pool of over 100K developers on stack overflow with a living, breathing resume. Surely we could do better than having a couple of non-relevant links on every page.
  • Target job ads at the location the user is from. I, for one, am not really interested in relocating my life to Albuquerque at the moment.
  • Create a new entity that does jobs better, partner with local job agencies.
  • Collect more information from the end users. Eg. Would you be willing to move? Would you be willing to work from home? Looking for contract or full time? Etc …

We believe that every professional programmer should have a job they love, and current sites like Monster, DICE, craigslist, and so forth do a woefully inadequate job of matching professional programmers with the type of employers who understand the true value of programmers who hit the high notes. So, then, our goals are twofold:

1. **Avoid the keyword-spam-free-resume ghetto**, and build a community of top-notch programmers who are serious about finding a great job. Yes, that means there is a nominal fee to file your CV.

2. Allow optional, but deep, integration of your **public** Stack Overflow profile with your **private** CV. So instead of being a mere list of keywords and answers to questions, you become a living, breathing track record of what kind of programmer you are.

In short, we're trying to change the rules of the game. I encourage you to scan through the about page and the faq and share your thoughts in the comments. Will it work? We don't know. But, for what it's worth, we honestly want to connect passionate programmers with companies who appreciate, respect, and -- most of all -- love passionate programmers. Go ahead. Try careers.stackoverflow.com out. It's totally free to get started and see how everything works, and our f_aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_bulous introductory offer of $29 for 3 years of filing is good until November 9th. As usual, if it works and it's awesome, the Stack Overflow team takes full credit. And if it sucks, well, I told you this was all Joel's idea!

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