careers September 28, 2016

Is an Early Stage Startup Right for You?

Chances are you’ve thought about going to work for a startup. If you’re in software, you’re surrounded by startup chatter. Who’s hot, who’s funded, who’s the next Twilio. Maybe you’ve fielded an offer or two from startups sure they’re about to be the next Silicon Valley unicorn. Or maybe you haven’t, but you’d like to.…
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Marketing (Former)
careers January 27, 2015

Targeted Jobs for Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Careers was announced five years ago with a simple mission statement: We believe that every professional programmer should have a job they love To help you find a job you love, we need to match you with the right job at the right time. We do that by helping you create a profile…
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Director of Talent Product (former)
careers August 12, 2013

Finding a Great Company

We launched Stack Overflow Careers with the goal of fixing how companies hire developers. Traditional resumes only tell half the story, so we created Careers 2.0 Profiles to fill in the gaps. A few months ago, we released Company Pages with the goal of reinventing the traditional job listing the same way we reinvented the…
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President and Chief Technology Officer (former)
careers May 20, 2013

Company pages on Careers 2.0

Stack Overflow has always had a strong focus on individual merit. Although collaboration is encouraged to some extent by the editing features, attribution on posts and the design of user profiles all tend to emphasize rugged individuality, that lone wolf toiling away at a keyboard. But most of us don’t actually work that way. We’re…
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Community Manager (former)
careers April 15, 2013

Introducing our Careers 2.0 Employer Resource Center

When we launched Careers 2.0 back in 2011, we set out with a goal: make the job search process better for the millions of programmers who visit our site every month. Part of achieving this goal is educating employers about what you want from them. In the past, our annual user survey helped us help…
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careers December 12, 2012

Stack Overflow localizes Careers 2.0 in German

After months of work from our dev team, last week marked the official launch of our first localized site with Careers 2.0 in German. We celebrated the occasion in style on December 5 with a blow-out party at Betahaus in Berlin complete with product demos, free food, free t-shirts, oh, and German beer of course.…
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careers October 1, 2012

Join the Stack Exchange team – we’re hiring!

We’re growing like crazy! Between launching exciting new sites, developing new features and promotions for existing ones, and branching out geographically, Stack Exchange can use all the help it can get – so we’re currently hiring for seven (7!) different positions, from developers to designers to sales to… well, just look at the list yourself:…
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President and Chief Technology Officer (former)
careers March 28, 2012

Careers 2.0 New Features for Hiring Developers

Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 re-launched a year ago, and since then we’ve been steadily making improvements to it. While we’ve added a lot of new features for developers to find great jobs and show off their stuff, we’ve been a bit…neglectful of the employer side. Well, not any more. We’ve just wrapped up a big…
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President and Chief Technology Officer (former)
background March 2, 2012

Enterprise vs Consumer: Product Development at Careers 2.0

A few months ago I joined as a developer on the Careers 2.0 team – this is my story of bringing Careers 2.0’s new Apply button to fruition. Or, what happens when an Enterprise boy meets a Consumer Product Development company and gets exposed to how things are done on the other side. One of…
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Web Developer (Former)
careers August 22, 2011

Careers 2.0: Export And Apply With Your Profile

For the longest time, Careers users have been requesting an export feature. We recently released a PDF generator tool to help you turn your profile into a customized résumé. You can find the link in the sidebar on the edit page of your profile. Using the résumé generator, you can customize the info you would…
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Principal Data Engineer