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We unveiled a milestone in Stack Overflow Careers at DevDays London earlier today.

Stack Overflow Careers

We had originally envisioned careers as a completely private subscription service, but we belatedly realized that was kind of a mistake, and the source of much confusion. One common bit of feedback we got from users was the cognitive dissonance between Stack Overflow, which is free and public by default, and Stack Overflow Careers, which was private and subscription only by default. We agree. That's why we've now added a free, public side to careers.stackoverflow.com:

Publish CV free, public CVs for any working programmer who wants one, at the URL of their choice. File CV subscribe for a nominal fee, and make your private CV visible to and searchable by hiring managers

Public CVs can be made visible, with full privacy controls, at the custom URL of your choice. Like so:


You can view a sample public CV at http://careers.stackoverflow.com/community to get an idea of what public CVs look like. Of course you can associate and link your Trilogy accounts to your public CV as well.

Obviously, each URL has to be unique, so they are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want a specific http://careers.stackoverflow.com/foo type URL for your public CV, sign up with Careers now and reserve your desired URL on the Publish CV tab.

But Public CVs isn't all. This careers update also has:

  • re-ordering of experience and education entries to taste
  • support for full Markdown formatting in all free text CV fields
  • automatic blocking of any of your previous employers from finding you in searches (by company name)
  • optional free, public CVs with the URL of your choice, with detailed privacy control
  • lots of other little bug fixes little new improvements!

Creating and publishing your CV are, and will always be, completely free. But filing to make your CV visible and searchable by hiring managers will still involve a nominal fee. The introductory filing rate of $29 for 3 years runs until November 9th. If you think you'll ever be looking for a job in the next three years, I encourage you to take advantage of this faaaaaaaabulous introductory rate. After November 9th, it will go away!

We're serious about creating connections between smart developers and companies who appreciate smart developers. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know on meta.stackoverflow.com in the careers tag. We're always listening. Our #1 goal is to actively improve careers in every way we can over the next few months.

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