Careers: Now Open for Business(es)

I'm pleased to announce that the employer beta is now complete, and Stack Overflow Careers is now fully open for business!


The employers and hiring managers rates are:

  • 1 week subscription is $500
  • 1 month subscription is $1,000
  • 6 month subscription is $3,000
  • 1 year subscription is $5,000

Employers can give our search interface a spin for free, to see total match counts and get an idea of how many candidates they'll be looking at with a subscription. As always, this whole thing is backed by our 90 day no-questions-asked total satisfaction policy. Got more questions? We've documented everything in the faq.

Stack Overflow Careers

Although November and December are not exactly banner months for hiring, we have a solid stable of employers already using the site -- many of whom were already participating on jobs.stackoverflow.com. They're searching through filed CVs, and actively sending messages to candidates that look promising. So keep those CVs in good shape for January! If your company is hiring top software engineers, I encourage you to check out Stack Overflow Careers!

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