New, Lower Careers Pricing

You asked.

We listened.

While it is completely free to create and publish a public CV at Stack Overflow Careers -- with the vanity URL of your choice, naturally -- there is a nominal fee to make your CV searchable by hiring managers through our private search interface. We call this process "filing" your CV.

Our new year's resolution is to reduce the price of filing your CV.

sudden realization

The CV filing fee is not there to make us obscene profits (as if), but to ensure that people who file CVs are ... y'know ... serious. Joel explains in the Stack Overflow Careers FAQ:

When hiring managers search through CVs, they want to know that they're looking at active, serious job applicants. If it were free to file a CV, a lot of applicants that weren't looking for jobs, or who knew that they had no reasonable chance of getting a job, would post them, making it harder for the employers to find serious applicants. That's why we charge a nominal amount to file a CV. It is, however, absolutely guaranteed, and if you're unhappy or don’t get the result you want, just let us know, and you'll get your money back on the spot.

We believe the barrier is necessary to reduce noise. But it's also a goal to reduce that barrier as low as we can. We want to make as many love connections as possible. That is, connections between talented software developers and companies who know the true value of these programmers they're paying so much for. The more people and companies in the "dating pool", the better the odds.

I love code

Thus, effective from January 1, 2010 until further notice:

  • File your CV for one year -- 19
  • File your CV forever -- 99
  • File your CV as a student -- free

We plan to keep improving and refining the careers service throughout the year. Specifically, we'll be exploring other options to reduce barriers to filing CVs, as well as publishing broad statistics about employer searches.

So if you haven't created your free Stack Overflow Careers CV yet -- what are you waiting for?

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