Podcast #106: Data Team Assemble!

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Welcome back to the Stack Overflow podcast episode #106 recorded live on Thursday, April 20th at SO headquarters in NYC. We are honored to have Anil Dash, CEO of Fog Creek, leading today's antics while Joel is away. We are also joined by the entire SO Data Team; Kevin Montrose, Jason Punyon, Dr Julia Silge, Nick Larsen, and Dr Dave Robinson. In today's episode you will find mystery, intrigue, and mangoes! As well as...

  • Kevin drinks two whole unicorn fraps.
  • Jay rants about the people who rant about babies on planes.
  • The data team waxes poetic about… data! Specifically, how we use the data from SO to solve problems and help more users find relevant jobs. They also talk about what we don't do with your data. Namely, anything creepy.
  • Dr Dave Robinson's recent blog post "What programming languages are used late at night?" Spoiler alert: Haskell is so hot right now.
  • Nick Larsen is a Rocketeer! (Rocketeur?) Proof:
  • Facebook tries to combat fake news while we play a new game.

As you know, we are still preparing a constitution for Stack Overflow where we pose a new amendment each week and you answer us with Pro or Con. Last week we asked: "When you say that you are going to 'table' a topic, does that mean that you are going to talk about it now, or that you are not going to talk about it at all?" It's 82% CON! To Table a discussion means that you will NOT talk about it at all. The winning tweet however, was Tom Eldridge with: https://twitter.com/Tom_Eldridge/status/844609948004737025 Congrats Tom, you get stickers! This week's amendment was proposed by twitter user Asger (@oddswithreality): When replying to an email, you cannot reply inline. You must always add your reply above the quoted text. Post your thoughts to twitter using #StackOverflowPodcast along with PRO if you agree that you should always reply above the quoted text or CON if you think that inline replies are just fine and dandy. Give a funny explanation and you could be next week's winner! The winner does not have to be from the winning team, it just has to make us giggle. Note: We will not be sending the winner lightbulbs. You get some still amazing but unfortunately not luminescent stickers. Stop promising people lightbulbs, Jay! Links for the lazy:

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