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Remote, relocation, visa sponsorship: these are some of the most highly coveted perks among developers today, and we're proud to highlight the companies offering them and the jobs they're hiring for right now. Smart businesses know that top development talent can come from anywhere. Rather than limiting themselves to their own local areas, these companies are thinking globally and recruiting worldwide. Sometimes this means they allow their teams to work remotely from wherever they live. Sometimes it means they'll hire from other regions and help the chosen candidate move to their area, through relocation assistance and/or visa sponsorships. Stack Overflow employs a global workforce, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Here are some other companies who do the same, and they're hiring now!


By now you know how we feel about remote work. We all love it for different reasons. I love that I can work for a company headquartered in NYC from my hometown in central California without uprooting my family and moving across the country. I also love the flexibility to attend my kids' recitals and school events, or be here when they're sick without having to use vacation time. If you love it as much as we do, or haven't tried it but dream of working from home in your pajama pants, we've got some jobs for you. These companies are hiring remote developers right now.

Railroad19, Inc

Senior Front End Developer Angular 2.0

Railroad19 is headquartered in Saratoga, NY, but this position is remote. They offer competitive compensation and benefits including medical, dental, vision, and 401(k). This senior-level position requires significant Angular and front-end experience; learn more and apply here.

Dillon Software, Inc.

Advanced React Web Developer

Dillon Software, located in Whitefish, Montana, is a fully distributed team with members across the United States. This is a 1099 contract position for a senior-level React developer with advanced skills. Dillon Software scores a 12 out of 12 on the Joel Test. Learn more and apply here.


Big Data Engineer

SkyTruth is looking for an engineer who is not only great at what they do, they're passionate about making the world a better place. They're partnered with Oceana and Google to build Global Fishing Watch, a product dedicated to saving the world's oceans from overfishing. "You will join a fully distributed team of engineers, data scientists and designers who are building and open sourcing the next generation of the product and who are very committed to creating a positive impact in the world while also solving novel problems using cutting edge tools." Sound like you? Learn more here. View ALL remote job openings here.


Looking to change it up a little with some fresh new scenery? These companies know what good talent is worth, and they're willing to help their new hires relocate to their area. This assistance might include covering moving costs, helping find a house or apartment, or other perks to make it easy for you to uproot and resettle. Here are some companies hiring now who want to make your new home as welcoming as possible:

Cake Solutions Limited (Manchester, UK)

Scala Engineer

Do you want to relocate to the site of the world's first stored-program computer? That's right, it happened in Manchester, the second-largest city in the United Kingdom (second only to London). Manchester is also known for its music and performing arts scene, as well as its thriving LGBTQ community. This role requires experience with the Lightbend Reactive Platform (Scala, Java, Akka & Play), along with great communication skills and an appetite for learning. You will join Cake's agile teams to deliver technical solutions to their clients on a wide array of business problems. "If working for our Manchester office requires emigrating please do not fear. Cake offers visa sponsorship as well as support in the relocation process." Learn more here.

PayJunction (Santa Barbara, CA)

Senior Software Engineer

The sheer beauty of Santa Barbara, CA can't be overstated. Pack your bags and head for the beach with this full-time permanent senior-level position at PayJunction's Santa Barbara headquarters. Candidates must be strong Java programmers with Linux and AngularJs experience. "Stop debugging (it sucks), start testing (it rocks)." PayJunction is the leading developer of paperless payment software; their team of over 3,000 transacts over $3 billion dollars annually for tens of thousands of clients. And did we mention Santa Barbara? Learn more and apply here.

Liberty Mutual Insurance (Boston, MA)

WeWork - Lead Full Stack Developer

If American history, Sam Adams, and Fenway Park are more your thing, check out Liberty Mutual's position in beautiful Boston. They're hiring a Lead Full Stack developer with a degree in a technical or business discipline and 5+ years of professional software development experience. After they've helped you relocate to Boston, you'll enjoy perks like flexible time off; education reimbursements; and medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Apply here. View ALL companies offering relocation services here.

Visa Sponsorship

There's a lot of talk in the news about work visas, but one thing we know for sure is that top development talent comes from every corner of the earth. Smart companies know that, and they do what they can to recruit accordingly. These companies are offering visa sponsorships to new hires who need them to move to and work in a new country; most companies offering visa sponsorship also offer paid relocation!

Redfin (San Francisco, CA)

Senior Software Developer, Home Discovery Team

Redfin will sponsor your visa and help you relocate to San Francisco: the birthplace of the United Nations, the cultural center of Northern California, and of course, home to such tech giants as Salesforce, Twitter, and Reddit. They offer "an office in downtown San Francisco with all the startup perks you've come to expect, a killer view of the San Francisco Bay, tight-knit social atmosphere, and more!" This role requires 5+ years of full stack development experience and a BS in Computer Science. Apply here.

Zenjob (Berlin, Germany)

React Frontend Developer

Berlin, the largest city and capital of Germany, is a hot spot for culture, politics, media, and science. It has a thriving tech and entrepreneurial scene. Zenjob is looking for a frontend developer skilled with React to join the team in their Berlin office. Learn more and apply here.

The Quantium Group (Sydney, Australia)

Big Data Engineer - Scala, Spark, Hadoop

Sydney is more than its famous opera house. The Harbour City enjoys beautiful sunny beaches, Blue Mountains National Park, world-class sailing, fine dining, and a colorful history. The Quantium Group is looking for a Big Data Engineer to join their team in Sydney. Ideal candidates will have experience in Scala, Spark, and Hadoop, and a love for learning and knowledge sharing. Apply here. View ALL job opportunities with visa sponsorships here. The world is full of adventure, and companies today are meeting the demand of top talent who want to experience that adventure in their work and their lives. Stop by our Work + Live Anywhere page to view all the companies hiring now and offering remote, relocation, or visa sponsorship options. And tell us in the comments: Where do you want to work and live?

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