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code-for-a-living September 16, 2020

Neural networks could help computers code themselves: Do we still need human coders?

The next big revolution in coding practice might be closer than we think, and it involves helping computers to code themselves. By utilizing natural language processing and neural networks, some researchers think that within a few years we can remove humans entirely from the coding process. If you work as a coder, you'll be glad to hear that they are wrong.
code-for-a-living August 26, 2020

Kotlin 1.4 released to improve performance

Last week, JetBrains released Kotlin 1.4 to the programming community. The update added some new language features but also put a strong focus on improving quality-of-life and performance, especially when paired with JetBrains’s own IntelliJ IDEA IDE.  Kotlin is a programming language best known as “Java without the warts.” It can compile both  to Java…
code-for-a-living July 24, 2020

The perils of impersonation tooling

On Wednesday, July 15th, a bitcoin scam hit Twitter. Celebrities such as Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates appeared to tweet out a message that promised to return double the amount of bitcoin sent to a specific wallet. It wasn’t a spontaneous and simultaneous act of generosity, it was a scam.  At this point,…