Podcast #109 - Nick hates making people cry, but...

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Welcome to the Stack Overflow Podcast recorded Thursday, May 11, 2017 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Joel is in Vienna this week at the WeAreDevs conference, so Jay is taking the reigns along with David "Rexalicious" Fullerton, Ilana Yitzaki, and me, your friendly neighborhood podcast producer! This episode is brought to you by Stack Overflow Jobs. Join the thousand other developers who have created Developer Story profiles, and see what it’s like to use a Jobs platform that actually puts developers needs first. Today you will learn the secret of life, as well as:

  • Everyone except David remembers the Tomy family of 80's robots.
  • Jay can't unsubscribe from MailChimp properly, and is quite cross about it.
  • Today's Developer Story features our very own data team rocketeur Nick Larsen, who started his career by memorizing code snippets from 3-2-1 Contact (you know, like you do).
  • We discuss Nick's latest blog post, "How to Talk About Yourself in an Interview" where he lays out exactly how to prepare for questions. TLDR: Practice and be prepared to talk! You can also take programs like Nick's interview boot camp at Digital Crafts, where they may make you cry, but that's ok.
  • Should cover letters be ridiculous? No, but quirky can be a plus depending on the company. Please don't ever EVER send glitter.
  • Stack Overflow Trends launched last week and is already charting a lot of really fun stats based on the number of question tags on Stack Overflow per month. Take a look and chart your favorite language!

This week's constitution question comes from me! It's the Jess Amendment: If you live in a touristy city, like NYC, is it rude to say "no" if someone asks you to take a picture of them? Post your answer to Twitter using #stackoverflowpodcast along with PRO if you think that you are obligated to say yes, and CON if you think that it is perfectly ok to say "no" and get on with your day. The funniest answer from either the winning or losing side will be read on the podcast and the winner will get awesome SO and SO Podcast stickers. Here is last week's winner, answering the question: Should you leave the useless subliner on yogurt or hummus containers? https://twitter.com/ru_altom/status/862337064079118336 Congrats Ru! You get a sticker or two. Links:

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