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It’s that time of year again—the annual developer survey is now open! This survey marks the 8th year we've been asking the developer community for their thoughts on everything from programming languages to career preferences. This year, we added in new questions about artificial intelligence, ethics in coding, and more. As in previous years, anonymized results of the survey will be made publicly available under the Open Database License. We encourage you to download and analyze the dataset yourself when it becomes available. Throughout the survey, certain answers you give will be treated as personally identifiable information, and therefore kept out of the anonymized results file. We'll call out each of those in the survey with a note saying "This information will be kept private." We've made this year's survey short (and by short we mean somewhat-freaking-long), but we've done our absolute best to be respectful of the time you're giving by taking the survey. If you have any questions or feedback in general, we'd love to hear it. The survey will be open for three weeks starting today, and will tentatively close on January 26th. Users who complete the survey will be awarded the Census badge across any SE communities they belong to.

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