The Overflow #4: CSS and Lace

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The Overflow.

November 2019

Welcome to ISSUE #4 of The Overflow, a newsletter by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams of React Training. You can read more about it here. This week, oh the things you'll draw on the web, names that break airline systems, and how to create a renaissance painting in CSS.

From the blog

Check out podcast episode #127! stackoverflow.blog How does a coder get through their first year? We muse about the best language for beginners, chat with Jess Lee, founder of DEV, about her bootcamp experience, and ponder the wonders of D3.js.

A technical deep dive into our MS Teams integration stackoverflow.blog We just announced a big integration with Microsoft's Teams chat application. Here’s a technical post about how we did it. (And don't forget, if you sign up now, your first 25 users are free!)

Let’s get graphic: A few ways to draw on the web stackoverflow.blog If you've ever wanted to add a little graphical flair to your web pages, here's a few libraries that will help make that happen.

Interesting questions

Why is Google's quantum supremacy experiment impressive? physics.stackexchange.com If I observe the spillage of a cup of pudding on the floor, have I achieved pudding supremacy?

Creating cryptographic algorithms at runtime crypto.stackexchange.com If you don’t know which cryptographic algorithm I used, there’s no way you can crack my encryption, right? Right??

What can I use for input conversion instead of scanf? stackoverflow.com User input is unreliable, so to process it in C, you're going to need something that can handle how weird people are.

Is “HTTPS Everywhere” still relevant? superuser.com While more websites are using HTTPS than before, it’s still worth it to have an extension that enforces it everywhere.

My name causes an issue with any booking! (names end with MR and MRS) travel.stackexchange.com Airline booking systems are so old, they think if you have "mr" at the end of your name, you're a mister.

Links from around the web

PureCSS Lace diana-adrianne.com You might think you're good at CSS, and then you see something like this, and... dang. Mad respect for Diana Smith for making this pure CSS portrait!

C++ 20: The core language modernescpp.com Did you know that C++ is still a growing, changing language? Shocking, I know. This blog post covers some awesome new things coming to C++ core language in the latest version.

React Conf 2019 youtube.com In case you missed the latest and greatest in the world of React, all of the React Conf 2019 videos are officially out! I was personally blown away by Sophie Alpert's custom React renderer talk, check it (and more) out!

Rust once and share it with Android, iOS, and Flutter dev.to If you're feeling rusty on how to share code on multiple platforms, luckily, you can now feel Rust-y instead!

Interactive GraphQL tutorial for beginners blog.graphqleditor.com GraphQL is quickly growing in the dev world, and if you haven't used it before, it can be a little mind-blowing! Luckily, the folks behind GraphQL Editor have put together something interactive and easy to understand.

TypeScript 3.7 typescriptlang.org TypeScript 3.7 was released! I'm particularly excited to see optional chaining included by default. It's SO nice to save you from writing a ton of conditionals just to see if you can use a value.

Memos sriramk.com This is a really fascinating list of memos written internally to companies. It's very cool to see how leaders (both tech and non-tech) speak to their organizations without the refinement of PR getting in the way of their ideas.

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