podcast February 18, 2020

Podcast: Coaching a Developer Interview

We try to climb the teetering tower of abstraction, examine a human readable magazine on computing, and prepare for Y2038.
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This week we chat with Rebekah Rombom, general manager for online education at the Flatiron School. She talks about how their curriculum has evolved, why Ruby is a great language for beginners, and how coding schools live and die by their job placement rates.


Paul and Sara walk us through the teetering tower of abstraction. Ben still hasn’t mastered a single language, so it’s a tough for him to know if it’s better to start with the difficult fundamentals or stay in the simplified sandbox. 

Flatiron tries to teach developers how to code, but also how to communicate. Every student has to do some public writing or speaking about their education. We check out Human Readable Magazine and the painfully honest Reddit thread of early reviews. 

Rebekah tries to coach Ben through a mock interview for a junior web developer position. A torrent of word salad ensues. Paul and Sara show no mercy.

New York City parking meters aren’t the only systems being taken down by calendar bugs. We chat about the delightful Twitter thread on Y2038

You can follow Rebekah here and learn more about the Flatiron School here.

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podcast November 6, 2020

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