Is it time to give Drupal another look?

For many people discussion of content management systems raises unpleasant specters of the early 2000s. But while CMS platforms may not feel like the shiniest new tech on the block, they still have a lot to offer, and they've evolved in ways that might surprise you. Let's talk about Drupal, a 20 year old open source project that still manages to be on the leading edge of the CMS world.

Navigation or forgetfulness? On finding purple links in your search

We found that when you find that the top link is purple—that is, already clicked—52% of you think, “Hello, old friend.” But another 14% see that purple link with irritation and another 16% see it with amusement. There are basically two things going on here: navigational search and memory imperfections. This article will explore some of the research around both of them.