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Stack Overflow is a community at our center. And communities come together in times of need.

Our normal work routines have been disrupted and may continue to change for a while. We’re all still defining the new “business as usual.” We’re all trying to figure out how to maintain team collaboration when lines of communication and physical access to teammates are limited.

You have enough on your plate without worrying about your team being out of the loop or causing your colleagues extra stress because they don’t have critical information you do. It’s important to keep people connected during this time.

You can shift your collaboration and knowledge sharing to withstand unexpected changes through a more permanent and flexible solution, one that grows in value over time, and Stack Overflow for Teams helps companies do just that.

To help this tool reach as many people as possible, we’re announcing today that our Basic tier of Teams is free for unlimited users through June 2020. Bring teammates together to share and capture information and make sure collaboration and productivity continues during this challenging time.

Stack Overflow for Teams helps you better collaborate and share knowledge across your organization. Our tool connects employees, regardless of their location, and empowers them to ask questions and get answers fast so they can get back to building great products and solutions.

Our question and answer based knowledge sharing tool is modeled from the incredibly successful communities built on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. We provide quick, bite-sized pieces of information. Instead of relying on singular individuals to maintain and update information, we empower teams to share relevant knowledge as it evolves.

We’re bringing all hands on deck to provide support and help you get things moving quickly in this time of need..

  • We provided a series of questions that you can use to seed your team that you’ll find in your Teams instance after signing up.
  • We will run live Q&A webinars with experts on Stack Overflow for Teams for the next several weeks. These will be recorded and posted publicly.
  • The tag combination [stack-overflow-for-teams+support] can be used to capture the questions and answers from these webinars. You can post a new question at any time and our team will provide an answer within 48 hours.

Additionally, we put together a few resources for your organization as you transition to a new normal of working remotely. Stack Overflow has transitioned in the same way, going from 60% office-based staff to 100% remote workforce. Here are a few of our new blogs and we’ll continue to add to the list. Working from home tips from our experienced remote employees, and Scaling your VPN overnight.

To get started building a free long-term collaboration solution as you navigate remote work, sign up here.

Please note: this offer is available to new Teams only and limited to one Team per person.

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