The Overflow #13: The History of the URL

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March 2020

Welcome to ISSUE #13 of The Overflow, a newsletter by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams of React Training. You can read more about it here. In this week's newsletter: how to stay sane while working remotely, the perils of 100% CPU load, and what's up with quantum physics?

From the blog

Working from home tips from our experienced remote employees stackoverflow.blog We asked some of our veteran remote workers, folks who have spent years doing this, for tips on how to make remote work effective, enjoyable, and sustainable.

Scaling your VPN overnight stackoverflow.blog We're 100% remote, as of Monday. And one of the critical tools that helps us work securely is our VPN. This article covers how we made our decision and best practices to follow.

Podcast: A chat with MongoDB’s CTO, Eliot Horowitz stackoverflow.blog A small group of four people wrote the code that kicked off what is now a massive business. Hear the story from Mongo co-founder and CTO Eliot Horowitz.

AWS Webinar: How to scale Kubernetes in AWS promotion Discover how to proactively approach monitoring of your Kubernetes environments at any scale and level of complexity. Join this webinar on March 18th at 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET. You will also discover tools such as New Relic on the AWS Marketplace & how it can help you answer fundamental questions like, “What is the health and hierarchy of my cluster?"

Interesting questions

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Can I run my CPU at 100% usage for a long time? superuser.com As someone who likes to give 110%, can my CPU at least give 100% for extended periods?

Is any of my data shared with my budgeting app yet? security.stackexchange.com Passwords are like old food: when in doubt, throw them out.

Why does ice make such peculiar sounds? physics.stackexchange.com My new favorite band is a Swedish guy skating on a frozen river.

Finding absolute value abs(x) using bitwise operators and boolean logic stackoverflow.com “Do not even try such ‘clever’ tricks. They will likely make your code slow in addition to unmaintainable.”

How and when can I learn so much mathematics? mathoverflow.net An advanced math degree may seem like an insurmountable mountain. But there was a time when you knew even less.

Links from around the web

The Perils of Rehydration · react joshwcomeau.com Server-side rendering has some gotchas that React devs often don't think about when working on the client side. Here's a great look at how to avoid those problems!

How to Make Sense of Quantum Physics nautil.us Quantum mechanics is one of those subjects that you either love or never want to try to understand again. It's incredibly strange, and this is a fascinating look at how superdeterminism (the idea that no two places in the universe are truly independent of each other) could advance science and make it understandable.

redwoodjs/redwood: Bringing full-stack to the JAMstack. github.com In the latest JavaScript framework news, RedwoodJS is built on GraphQL, Prisma, and React and has simple helpers and conventions to improve developer experience.

The History of the URL blog.cloudflare.com Ever thought about the anatomy of the URL? How it came to be? No? Well now's your chance to learn about it.

BCrypt Explained dev.to If you've ever wanted to get into cryptography but aren't sure how to get started, this is a great primer on the BCrypt hashing algorithm.

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