Podcast 224: Cryptocurrency-Based Life Forms

Programming may teach you about the law of large numbers, but that doesn't mean you'll always have the answer.

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This week, we ponder whether programming prepares you in any way to understand the math and statistics underlying our current crisis. Later, we discuss the closure of O'Reilly's conference business.

The sudden end of the influential open-source events that O'Reilly held for many years is giving Paul and Sara lots of feels, as the conferences in many ways helped to form the personality of internet culture and Web 2.0.

Engineers love to solve problems and create new tools. So what do you do when the best solution is to stay home and even money can't purchase critical equipment that is in short supply? We have a few ideas about how to deal with the moment.

If we all wanted to go into cryosleep, would the bots keep trading the stock market, and for how long? Sara recommends a novel - Machines Like Me.

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