Podcast 231: Make it So

This week we chat about Star Trek, React, parsing, and the growing trend of holding virtual events in spaces like Fortnite and Animal Crossing.

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On this week's episode, we talk about the fraught efforts to social distance in NYC and how Jean-Luc Picard would have handled this pandemic. We also walk through the history of React and the boom in remote conferences and concerts happening in virtual spaces like Animal Crossing and Fortnite.

What happens when the grizzled captain decides they need to stop delegating and put their hands back on the helm? Sara is rewatching Star Trek and trying to find some wisdom in Picard's approach to crisis.

Where did React come from? What's the line between a library, a framework, and a whole new language? You can learn lots more in this extensive video from the Women in React conference that happened remotely last weekend.

One thing we didn't know about that conference was that they gave out original swag you can use while playing Animal Crossing. And just yesterday we noticed the Deserted Island DevOps conference, where the entire event is actually happening inside Animal Crossing.

From there we got to talking about Second Life, Linden Bucks, and the amazing concert that Travis Scott put on in Fortnite recently. The longer this quarantine goes on, the closer we move to a truly virtual work world. You can find the Fortnite concert here. It's just ten minutes long, but skip ahead to 2:10 if you want to see something really cool.

Last but not least, Paul didn't take the easy way out. He finally sat down and did some parsing. He is ready for you to make fun of him.

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