Podcast 236: A glitch in the Matrix

We reflect on the wealth of small software startups doing strong business in relative obscurity.

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This week we chat with Jenn Shiffer, a web developer, pixel artist, and tech satirist. She currently works as the director of community engineering at Glitch.

Before we can move on to business as usual, the crew has to recount each and every way in which our first live podcast went spectacularly wrong. Laggy video, overwhelming audio, and too many silly hats. But hey, DevAroundTheSun did raise over $60,000 to help folks impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

We chat about Patio 11's law, and the incredible percentage of successful software startups that never gain any recognition in the mainstream tech press, but manage to build and grow successful, profitable operations.

The debate rages on about how permanent this new world of completely remote work will be. Which companies will return to renting expensive officers and pampering employees with food and snacks and which companies will decide to start hiring across the globe and cutting back on IRL engagements.

Lastly we chat about Typescript, why it's getting so popular, and how it reminds Jenn of her days as an academic teaching Java to aspiring computer science majors.

To learn more about Jenn, check her out her website. And to see what her company has been working on, head over to Glitch and Glimmer.

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