Podcast 237 - Digging into Deno 1.0

We discuss what's exciting about Deno, why Stack won a Webby, and how to borrow and steal code the "right way."

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This week we chat about Deno 1.0, a new runtime for executing JavaScript and TypeScript outside of the web browser. Plus, Stack wins a Webby for best Community website, and we debate the ins and outs of copying other people's code the "right way."

Episode Notes

You can read up on Deno 1.0 here.

The star-studded ceremony for the 2020 Webby's can be watched on repeat here (not that we're doing that...)

This is the Wired story about Lee Holloway, a brilliant coder who helped build Cloudflare, but then mysteriously fell into decline. It's a sad but beautifully written tale.

Thanks to Stack Overflow user htamas for saving a question and winning a lifeboat : Gradle project refresh failed, unable to get the CMake.

Ryan's piece on how coders beg, borrow, and steal can be found here.

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