Podcast 240: JavaScript is ready to get its own place

We're celebrating some big birthdays for Node.js and Javascript.

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This week we chat about tiptoeing out of lockdown, a leadership change at Magic Leap, and where Node.js and JavaScript sit as they turn 11 and 25-years-old, respectively. Plus, Boo.com, and throwbacks to the callbacks of the past.

Episode Notes

Has there ever been a tech startup that raised just shy of $3 billion, inflation-adjusted for any era, while barely making a ripple with actual customers? Magic Leap just pocketed a fresh $350 million in funding, on the condition that its co-founder and CEO Rony Abovitz, agree to step aside and allow new leadership to take the reins. We chat AR/VR, dot-com flameouts, and why crazy tech is worth believing in.

Sara hips us to the 11th anniversary of Node.js and the 25th anniversary of JavaScript. The latter has the distinction of being the only language to appear in the top 10 for most loved and most hated languages on our 2020 developer survey.

Paul and Sara reminisce about JavaScript callbacks. Hard work builds character, don't ya know.

This episode was recorded before the recent protests, and so does not contain any discussion of the current events roiling the United States. We will touch on it in future episodes, but you can find Stack Overflow's statement on it here.

If you would like a written transcript of this episode, it's available here.

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