Podcast 245: It ain't real till you break Prod

Bot armies farming gold, email clients refusing to import, and the best way to write code other people can actually understand.

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This week we converse as a quartet, with Cassidy Williams joining the regular crew. We talk about how to make fun of yourself, breaking prod your first month on the job, and the best way to convert digital gold into cold hard cash.

Episode Notes

Cassidy helps to write The Overflow newsletter and is two months into a new gig as a Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify. That's where she broke Prod, but it turned out ok.

We chat about Hey what it means for software engineers when prominent coders are arguing with big mobile platforms about the fees that the owners of the OS collect. What's old is new again.

Bot armies are farming gold in World of Warcraft, which takes us down a wandering path of wondering how often people have access to powerful computers, but limited access to money they can spend on essentials.

Last but not least, we try to dissect a great question from our Software Engineering Stack Exchange: ways to explain code when told it doesn't make sense.

Shout out to our lifeboat badge winner of the week, "wizard", who answered the following question: is there an equivalent method to C's scanf in Java.

If you would like a written transcript of this episode, it's available here.

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