podcast June 30, 2020

Podcast 248: You can’t pay taxes if the website won’t load

What happens when your face and fingerprint start to unlock the World Wide Web?
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Director of Content

Paul walks us through a classic legacy systems breakdown. We break down the finer pint of programmer humor. Ben tries to understand how Apple will bring Face and Touch ID to the web. And for dessert, a deep dive into the weirdest trade magazines on the web.

You can read about the IRS and its Sisyphean efforts to modernize its computer systems here.

Ben’s Twitter thread on the amazing and obscure trade periodicals you can find online is here.

You can read more about what Apple is doing with biometric identity on the web here.

If you would like a written transcript of this episode, it’s available here.



Stack Overflow Podcast Relaunch
se-stackoverflow September 16, 2022

Hypergrowth headaches (Ep. 485)

When a company hits a period of hypergrowth, developers are in for a thrill ride. They need to start scaling their systems, moving to service architectures and clouds, and looking to solve problems others haven’t. But hypergrowth brings headaches, too, and chief among them is how to keep everyone aware of what’s going on with teams that they aren’t a part of.