Podcast 253: is Scrum making you a worse engineer?

A great version of agile methodology won't help if you're applying it wrong.

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This week, we dive into the debate over Scrum methodology. Sure, it helps you finish your sprint faster. But is it leaving your engineers burnt out, and your product substandard?

Episode Notes

What began as a question on our Software Engineering Stack Exchange graduated into a blog post for further discussion.

Paul points out that modern tooling has internalized so much of agile methodology that developers tend to work this way without having to explicitly create a culture or process around Scrum.

And as Sara points out, if it turns out you're being driven to optimize for finished work over quality work, the problem may not be Scrum, but the pressures of your particular manager or company.

Our lifeboat of the week goes to an old school Excel question with over half a million views. Thanks to Michelle for earning a badge while answering this query: How do I append the same text to every cell in a column in Excel?

A written transcript of this podcast episode can be found here.

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