The Overflow #32: The state of pixel perfection

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The Overflow.

July 2020

Welcome to ISSUE #32 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. Come check out our Q3 Community Roadmap, the dustbin for email addresses, and a DIY smart air conditioner unit.

From the blog

Linters aren’t in your way, they’re on your side stackoverflow.blog Linters can also take some time getting used to, cause distraction, and might even be impossible to introduce to old, large code bases. Despite those headaches, we look at why they might still be worth your time, especially if you’re working with a big team.

The Loop: Our Community Roadmap for Q3 2020stackoverflow.blog This quarter, we tried something new for the Community Team roadmap and worked through every idea the community team had in an initial planning session. Here's what made the cut for Q3.

Podcast 254: Code Newbie talks education and community on the webstackoverflow.blog What's the overlap between a four-year CS degree and the skills you actually need to land your first coding job?

Interesting questions

Found a good question or answer? Tweet us with the hashtag #StackOverflowKnows or email us at stackoverflowknows@stackoverflow.com. We’ll include our favorites in the future.

Should an e-commerce application reserve products before attempting payment? softwareengineering.stackexchange.com Does your software need to have an accurate count of products in stock?

If someone built a vacuum tunnel through the atmosphere, could you have an orbit with a sea level perigee? space.stackexchange.com Sure, it's ridiculous, but is it possible?

What is the suggested best practice for changing a user's email address?security.stackexchange.com How to safely dispose of unneeded email addresses for your users.

How do we know that the Moon is migrating away from Earth?astronomy.stackexchange.com Who can blame it?

Links from around the web

The state of pixel perfection ishadeed.com What does it mean to be "pixel perfect"? Here's a comparison of what it means now, and what it used to mean, and how we should move beyond it.

Inventing the beach: The unnatural history of a natural placesmithsonianmag.com How did beaches, which used to be scary and full of wildlife, become a vacation hotspot? Here's a fun little history lesson of how it happened.

Your blog doesn't need a JavaScript frameworkiainbean.com This isn't a popular take, but it's an interesting one that's becoming more popular as the JavaScript framework pendulum swings yet again. Do you need a framework to build a blog... or any other site?

Who needs a Sensibo anyway?shoreparty.org In other DIY tales, here's a fun story of how one developer decided to not succumb to the advertisements of a smart air conditioner controller and built his own!

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