The Overflow #33: Accelerating our mission

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Welcome to ISSUE #33 of the Overflow! In the age of GPT-3, this newsletter is still written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. And if it wasn't, how would you know? Read on to learn about our Series E fundraise, a React component for rendering guitar chords, and the best GitHub profile READMEs.

From the blog

Our Series E Funding - An Inflection Point to Accelerate the Realization of our Mission stackoverflow.blog We're proud to announce that we have raised $85 million in Series E funding. This capital will allow us to accelerate our mission and invest in our company and community.

Podcast 257: a few of our favorite haxx stackoverflow.blog From the Samy Worm to WannaCry, we chat about a decade worth of security snafus with Rachel Troy, a Product Manager working at Fullstack Academy’s Cyber Security bootcamp program.

Webinar: How to Automate and Scale Continuous Integration with AWS promotion Join AWS and DevOps Institute to learn about best practices you can use to automate and scale Continuous Integration with AWS. We’ll explore how to get dispersed development teams working together on rapid, interactive releases with CI while adhering to security and compliance standards.

Interesting questions

Found a good question or answer? Tweet us with the hashtag #StackOverflowKnows or email us at stackoverflowknows@stackoverflow.com. We’ll include our favorites in the future.

If you SMS text someone, how much more information can they discover about you?security.stackexchange.com It depends; how sober are you?

If you warn somenoe of a common mistakes, are you putting that error into their head?matheducators.stackexchange.com Sometimes a wrong answer can be the right answer...to a different question.

Is it possible/advisable to combine unit testing and integration testing?softwareengineering.stackexchange.com Shortcuts can make it harder to pin down where a problem occurs.

Why are the numbers on a keyboard and cellphone / telephone numbers in a different order? retrocomputing.stackexchange.com Get ready for the complete history of numbers on keys, 1890 to present.

Links from around the web

Happy birthday web fonts!www.w3.org It's been 10 whole years since the first working draft of the Web Open Font Format was released!

React guitar react-guitar.com If you've ever wanted to render chord positions, this component has you covered. The most fun part though is that you can strum it, as well!

How GPT3 works - visualizations and animationsjalammar.github.io If you've been eyeballing social media and forums all raving about GPT-3, you might be wondering why it's so special compared to other machine learning systems. Here's a good look into how it actually works!

10 standout GitHub profile READMEs dev.to We might not have MySpace anymore, but hey, at least we can spruce up our GitHub profiles now. Check out these really creative ideas folks put together to make theirs stand out.

What software teams can learn from music master classes helen.blog The middle of a venn diagram between tech workers and musicians is fairly large, for a variety of reasons. Here's a really cool application of how full teams of us can learn from musicians!

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