The Overflow #43: Simulated keyboards

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Welcome to ISSUE #43 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week, we’re coding for the long game, learning the difference between cats and not cats, and translating our favorite JRPGs into English.

From the blog

Play the long game when learning to code stackoverflow.blog Aspiring coders tend to take one of two types of learning approaches. The first involves trying to learn syntax as fast as possible. The second emphasizes understanding the fundamentals above all. It may take longer, but this article shows how the latter approach is better in the end.

Podcast 275: Dr. Duino helps us diagnose what’s next for Arduino stackoverflow.blog We talk about custom circuit boards, making your own electronics, and the future of open source hardware.

Static site generation with single page app functionality? That’s what’s coming Next(.js) stackoverflow.blog We spoke with Vercel CEO Guillermo Rauch and Next.js development leader Tim Neutkens about what new features this version brings, what’s next for Next.js, and how their approach helps the faster growing cohort of web users stay online.

Interesting questions

What’s the bandwidth cost per hour for one MMORPG player? gamedev.stackexchange.com Farming virtual gold on a MMORPG costs someone real money.

How do scientists know that distant parts of the universe obey the physical laws exactly as we observe around us? astronomy.stackexchange.com What’s the difference between a physicist and a philosopher?

Sensor to distinguish between different types of pegs on a pegboard electronics.stackexchange.com What sort of advanced battleship are you trying to sink here?

How to use a dataset with only one category of data datascience.stackexchange.com You cannot learn🐱 without learning 🚫🐱

Links from around the web

The code behind localizing Japanese games www.jertype.com This is a great post around how localization programming happens in the game development industry. Warning: You’re going to be even more interested in fonts after this!

Keyboard simulator | Design and test virtual keyboards keyboardsimulator.xyz Wanna try out what a mechanical keyboard might look like but don’t want to fork over the cash? This is a really impressive ThreeJS simulator of keyboard sizes, colors, and combinations.

How parseTime in sql connections work with time javorszky.co.uk Working with time values in Go can be an… interesting experience for those not familiar with it. Gabor Javorszky does a deep dive into the way these time values work with databases.

Why do microservices need an API Gateway? dev.to When you have a lot of microservices in your project’s architecture, chances are you’ll want to have an API Gateway in there to help solve some problems. Here’s a good look into why.

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