podcast November 10, 2020

Podcast 285: Turning your coding career into an RPG

Before you can wield the power of the lightboard and explain cloud technologies, you must slay a lot of first level slimes.
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This week with sit down for a chat with Sai Vennam, who describes himself as a IBM Cloud Developer Advocate. We talk about the quest that let him level up from Java programmer to Kubernetes evangelist and how he found his niche teaching the world about technologies on YouTube.

You can find Sai’s videos here. Come for the deep dives on Docker, stay for the live lightboard  magic. Yes, I know what the comments say, but no, he isn’t writing backwards. 

Sai also does a lot of work around OpenShift, the containerization software products created by Red Hat. He talks about what the tie up between IBM and Red Hat has been like and how the enterprise is increasingly learning to work with open source. 

Our lifeboat badge of the week goes to Alex for explaining why you’re Getting this as undefined when using arrow function.

If you want to find more from Sai, you can follow him on Twitter here.

Transcript is available here.

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