Podcast 292: Goodbye to Flash, we'll see you in Rust

We say a fond farewell to a titan of web tech and review what makes a great developer resume.

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As Adobe ends its support for Flash, we look back at its impact on gaming, graphics, and the web. And fear not, some kind folks have written a Flash emulator in Rust called Ruffle. Later, we discuss how to lay out your resume in order to get noticed and a Supreme Court case in the US that considers whether scraping data from public sites should be illegal.

Gone in a Flash. Actually it took quite a while. Adobe explains its decision to stop supporting Flash here.

You can learn more about Ruffle, the Flash emulator written in Rust, here.

Here are some tips on writing a developer resume from a hiring manager who's written an entire book on the topic.

You can read more about the Supreme Court case considering the limits of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act here and here

Our Lifeboat badge of the week goes to a user named simply 4386427, who answered the most basic and frustrating question: why does “printf” not work?


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