podcast December 15, 2020

Podcast 295: Diving into headless automation, active monitoring, Playwright and Puppeteer

We chat with Tim Nolet
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This week we chat with Tim Nolet, whose commentary appeared in a previous episode after he complained about Amazon forking his OS service and presenting it as new product without so much as a thanks. Since then the two parties have worked things out, and Tim came on the show to explain what happened, what he builds in the open source world, and the company he runs.

Episode Notes

You can find the original tweet here. AWS told Tim they will work with him on publicity and open source their version of the tool so that there can be a flow of value in both directions. 

You can learn more about Tim’s company, Checkly.hq, which works on active monitoring for developers. 

The team there also works on  Headless Recorder, a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates scripts for Playwright or Puppeteer

The team also operate The Headless Dev, which helps coders learn Playwright and Puppeteer. 

This week’s Lifeboat badge goes to Ravindra Bagale for answering the question:  How to Convert Integer to Character Array using C

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