Podcast 308: What are the young developers into? Everyone's getting AWS certified.

All the cool kids are licensed to operate a cloud.

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This week we sit down with Brian Gracely, a senior director of product strategy at Red Hat Open Shift. He hosts The Cloudcast and had lots to say about Kubernetes, Heroku, Docker, and the proliferation of certifications you can earn to break into the industry.

Episode Notes

You can follow Brian on Twitter. and check out the Cloudcast here.

If you're just getting started, he has a cloud basics podcast that covers a new topic each month.

And if you are just really, really into containers, well he's got you covered.

Paul was talking with someone who mentors a lot of young coders. What are they all into these days? Typescript? Web Assembly? Nope, they're all getting AWS certified.

A certification for AWS , Azure, and GCP has become an efficient way to break into the job market. Companies like Cloud Guru make it simple to understand what you need. We discuss what this new on-ramp to the world of software means for the rising generation of coders, or those looking to become programmers down the line.


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