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Find knowledge faster: New Articles features

We've made the Articles in Stack Overflow for Teams even better. With these updates, knowledge becomes even easier to find, content becomes better, and the experience becomes more enhanced.
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In the second half of 2020, we launched Articles on Stack Overflow for Teams in the Business and Enterprise tiers, which introduced a new first-class content type intended for users to proactively share long-form knowledge.  Within Articles, users can easily create knowledge documents, announcements, how-to guides, and policy notices.

Since that initial launch, we have listened to customer feedback and have incorporated the top three requested features into a new release.

With this new release, users can now:

  • Find Articles alongside Questions when searching for particular tags.
  • Save a draft of an Article before publishing later.
  • Earn reputation points by creating an Article or responding to an Article.

With these new features, knowledge becomes even easier to find, content becomes better, and the experience becomes more enhanced.  We think users will find these new features make creating, interacting, and discovering Articles easier and more fun.

Knowledge discoverability

Articles are now easier to find.  No longer are Articles and Q&A treated as separate items; search queries will return both. Search and uncover long-form content by topic or subject with tags. Also, when users follow specific tags or ignore specific tags, Articles will either show or not show in their feed or digest. This makes it even easier for users to find the most fitting content when they need it. 

Better knowledge sharing experience

Articles now have enhanced edit capabilities that are similar to Questions.  We listened and now users can start an Article, save it as a draft, and come back to it before publishing to the team or organization.

Improved recognition

Articles now contribute to reputation points, rewarding users for contributing to the knowledge base.  Similar to Questions & Answers, reputation points can now be earned for performing functions.  For example, users can earn +10 points for upvoting an article. Bonus: early adopters of Articles will receive reputation points retroactively.

Explore all of the features of Stack Overflow for Teams or explore all of our plans.

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