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Welcome to ISSUE #75 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week: Rebuilding static sites a little at a time, telling the difference between decompilers and disassemblers, and five tools to fix security holes.

From the blog

Incremental Static Regeneration: Building static sites a little at a time stackoverflow.blog There are a lot of opinions out there about how to improve and scale sites “beyond the Jamstack” by adding in features that use a Node server in addition to the pre-built pages. We explore a feature called Incremental Static Regeneration, otherwise known as “hybrid web development.”

Using Kubernetes to rethink your system architecture and ease technical debt stackoverflow.blog When you’re weighing the risk and reward of replacing architecture, it can take several attempts to find a solution that works for you. This is a story about trying to rethink complex systems: the challenges you face when you try to rebuild them, the burdens you face as they grow, and how inaction itself can cause it’s own problems.

Podcast 339: Where design meets development at Stack Overflow stackoverflow.blog We chat with Stack Overflow’s director of brand design about the way his work overlaps with our development.

[Free eBook] The Seven DevOps Steps You are Missing promotion It’s a truth universally acknowledged: DevOps teams know what they should be doing, but they often don’t do it. In this eBook, we’re going to look at seven potentially overlooked steps and show you how a DevOps platform would make them possible.

Interesting questions

Why do reversers nowadays reverse engineer using decompilers and not disassemblers? reverseengineering.stackexchange.com Do you know your decompilers from your disassemblers? (Does anyone truly?)

Should I log users in if they enter valid login info in registration form? security.stackexchange.com Is reminding users of existing accounts an account enumeration attack?

How much is 1 mμg? chemistry.stackexchange.com And how much sunshine do you need for 1 mμg of B12?

Why do string instruments need hollow bodies? physics.stackexchange.com We plucked this question because it has such a sound answer.

Links from around the web

Classifying communities with the three Ps: Product, practice, and play orbit.love If you’re building a technical community for your organization, it’s important to understand what type of community you’re building when strategizing about your goals.

The Node.js application maintainer guide nodesource.com Maintaining Node.js apps can be cumbersome, but following best practices can make it less of a grind.

Five developer tools for detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities dev.to In a vast subject like application security, we need more than sheer will to learn and keep our code safe. We need good tools!

A visual guide to React mental models obedparla.com A good mental model is always a powerful tool for remembering how different frameworks and concepts work. This is a great way to think about React!

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