The Overflow #78: Blockchain; hype or game changer?

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Welcome to ISSUE #78 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week: Our first Pulse survey looks at what developers think about blockchain, why travel to Mars will be slower than it could be, and a fascinating dive into the early history of the web.

From the blog

Most developers believe blockchain technology is a game changer stackoverflow.blog But a little over one third disagree, viewing blockchain as mostly hype.

Using low-code tools to iterate products faster stackoverflow.blog Many developers are skeptical of using low-code tooling to build software. But buying software instead of building it has advantages, especially when your goal is to iterate faster.

Podcast 345: A good software tutorial explains the How. A great one explains the Why. stackoverflow.blog Content written by developers, for developers, is a booming business.

How Slack and Stack Overflow for Teams power workplace collaboration event.on24.com Want to learn about the tools and techniques used by developers at Slack and Stack Overflow? We’re partnering with Slack on a fireside chat that explores how we foster collaboration and productivity. Join the conversation on Thursday, June 24th at 1pm ET.

AWS DevOps Workshop: Evolving to Continuous Deployment promotion Join experts from the DevOps Institute and AWS in this workshop to learn how to accelerate time-to-value and optimize customer experience with continuous deployment for cloud-native applications.

Interesting questions

As a junior is it unethical to leave after one year for remote? workplace.stackexchange.com Remote work is here to stay; offer it or you could lose employees.

Can archers on the ground shoot down a hot air balloon? worldbuilding.stackexchange.com Some called it balloonacy; we called it security.

Are there any greater risks of traveling significantly faster to another planet? space.stackexchange.com To go fast, you need more fuel, which makes the rocket heavier, so you need more fuel.

Links from around the web

History of the web: Part 1 www.matthewgerstman.com Sometimes you need to look at how far we’ve come to really appreciate the web we have today.

Concentric Circle Spinner frontend.horse This is a great breakdown of how you can make a cool spinner with nesting transforms and easing in your CSS!

React 18 Alpha is out! Now what? dev.to At long last, the React 18 Alpha was announced! Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know to get started.

The ultimate resource to fix URL trailing slash issues in static deployments github.com It’s amazing how a single character can change your website’s behavior and how you debug it when it’s deployed. No, it’s not a semi-colon (this time).

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