The Overflow #79: Zoom! Enhance! Super resolution!

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Welcome to ISSUE #79 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week: machine learning makes 480p into 1080p, stairs and their effect on potential energy, and how open source affects build vs. buy decisions.

From the blog

Zoom, enhance. There! We explore how to enhance the resolution of photos with machine learning. stackoverflow.blog Across alien epics and procedural crime dramas, detectives and truth seekers have repeated the mantra: zoom and enhance. It’s passed into popular culture as a much-beloved meme, but in recent years, machine learning has increasingly made this fictional trope into an accessible reality. And we’ve got the demo to prove it.

State of the Stack Q2 2021 stackoverflow.blog We have had an exciting couple of months here at Stack Overflow. That excitement doesn’t change our plans for the future as detailed in this post.

Podcast 347: Information foraging: The tactics great developers use to find solutions stackoverflow.blog How much time do you spend writing code versus looking for the right solution?

The DevOps Institute 2021 Enterprise DevOps Skills Report page.gitlab.com For the third year, DevOps Institute has proudly fielded the Upskilling DevOps Skills Survey to understand which skills are considered “must-have,” “nice-to-have,” and “optional, ” in DevOps. Download the Enterprise DevOps Skills Report to learn more.

Interesting questions

Is serverless code immune to DDoS attacks? serverfault.com Your bank account won’t be.

Page Object Model from scratch: Best practices? sqa.stackexchange.com The best page model is the one you ain’t gonna need.

When I walk down the stairs where does my potential energy go? physics.stackexchange.com That just sounds like falling with extras steps.

Is there an example of a classic aviation engineering moment when engineers had to discard all their work due to the wrong approach? aviation.stackexchange.com It’s not often that aviation engineers get to call mayday

Links from around the web

Inline styles as classes (lol) css-tricks.com If you’ve ever really just wanted to flip CSS on it’s head, this is a funny little snippet that has some cool technical ideas behind it.

How Lighthouse 8 changes affect your metrics calibreapp.com Lighthouse 8 is here! It has a refreshed performance score. Check out how it changes up your monitoring.

Open-source effect on build vs. buy hackernoon.com The question engineering leaders often have to ask themselves is “should we build it in house, or should we buy a solution?”

The ultimate resource to fix URL trailing slash issues in static deployments github.com It’s amazing how a single character can change your website’s behavior. So, how can you debug it once it’s deployed? No, it’s not a semi-colon (this time).

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