podcast July 9, 2021

Podcast 355: Is everyone starting to work like a developer?

As most knowledge works goes remote, the asynchronous, merge-driven processes pioneered by developers are becoming widespread.
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This episode we’re presenting something a little different: a recording of a live show streamed on a platform called Fishbowl. We talk about developer tools and workflows taking over across a wide swathe of disciplines and industries. We also take questions and chat with audience members from Google and several startups.

Episode Notes

The massive shift to remote work that so many companies undertook over the last year has pushed many to adopt an asynchronous, merge driven workflow that has been pioneered and perfected by software developers. With tools like Airtable, and Coda, the boundary between programming and other forms of media and knowledge work is beginning to blur. 

What happened to Google Wave? Can products with passionate fans get pushed into the Commons after they are sunset?

Peek under the hood, and it’s spreadsheets all the way down. Some companies are now turning a simple spreadsheet into an interactive web app

Spreadsheets on steroids, what could go wrong?

No Lifeboat badge this episode, but tune in tomorrow, we’ll have Part 2 of our live episode from the Fishbowl.


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