Podcast 369: Passwords are dead! Long live the new authentication flows.

Magic links get you in the door safer than passwords.

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In this episode, we talk to Julianna Lamb, co-founder and CTO of Stytch, about building a password-free world. Every password that you can remember can be compromised.

Every password can be compromised. Stytch helps companies build authentication flows that don't need user passwords.

Julianna grew up in Idaho, where she didn't even know what computer science was. After stints as a software engineer and product manager, she found a role where could figure out what the organization should be building: CTO and founder.

Their first product was email magic links, which is more complicated than you think. Most importantly, how do you always avoid the spam folder? Copy changes in an email can make all the difference.

Developer tooling is undergoing a renaissance now that smaller companies are getting into the game with API offerings. The big thing that differentiates good tools from bad is easy to understand documentation.

The right metaphor for API services isn't SaaS, it's eCommerce. Plug it in into your app without giving up design and user experience.


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