Podcast 378: The paranoid style in application development

Will no-code application development make you more productive or will you just feel bad about your growing to-do list?

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The home team discusses the value of encrypting DNS, Apple bringing back ports, the ease and pitfalls of no-code/low-code application development, productivity vs. our guilt and self-loathing, and the after effects of the pandemic on our online presence.

Show notes

We talked about obscuring DNS traffic based on this article.

Cassidy and Ben are pretty excited about all the new Apple stuff announced recently. Ryan, the curmudgeon, does not.

There are several theories as to where the word dongle came from.

The Conductor framework makes building web apps simpler in a low-code/no-code style.

Did the pandemic worsen everyone else's guilt and self-loathing over productivity or was it just us?

Our only point of contact during the height of the pandemic was the Internet connection. Has the loosening of quarantine made us less likely to live online?


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