Podcast 387: The first ten years of our programming lives

Everybody starts somewhere with coding, even if that's just to make your favorite game better.

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The home team shares their programming origin stories, from year one, when everyone was bitten by a radioactive microchip, all the way to the present, where we are all talking about code on a podcast.

Show notes

This episode was inspired by Joma Tech's review of his first ten years in coding.

Ben Popper shared a fair amount of his coding journey through the series Ben Popper is the Worst Coder in the World.

Should you actually write out code on paper as some of us had to do? Maybe.

Modding games gets people into programming. For Ryan, Freedom Force got him into Python. Today, it's Minecraft and Roblox.

Want to jump start your career? Find a community on Discord or Twitter and make some contacts. The software industry is made of people.

Hackathons helped Cassidy find her deeper love for coding, oh, and her husband too.


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