Podcast 392: Do polyglots have an edge when it comes to mastering programming languages?

French, Swahili, Perl, Danish, Spanish, and C#.

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We chat with Rennie Clayton, Senior Director of Platform Engineering here at Stack Overflow, who grew up in numerous countries and learned programming by following along with his mother's college coursework.

Episode Notes

Rennie grew up in Kenya, Honduras, Somalia, and Oklahoma; his parents volunteered for the Peace Corps before working for the US Government overseas.

Audio tape drives are real! Check out this Retrocomputing question about how the Commodore 64 audio interface worked.

If you want to remember something better, a 2014 study says you should write it out by hand.

Rennie worked at Blackberry, and Ben remembered his colleagues at The Verge fondly hoping for their comeback. In fact, here's Ben hoping for their comeback!

We did a podcast on moving from engineer to manager, which Rennie said was one of the hardest things to do.

Rennie gave a shoutout to the book he's reading now, The Elegant Puzzle by Will Larson.

Rennie works on our Platform team, which works on all of our reusable stuff, including our design system, Stacks.

This week's Lifeboat badge goes to Vinzzz for explaining how to: Create an array of random numbers in Swift.


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