podcast November 23, 2021

Podcast 395: Who is building clouds for the independent developer?

Big enterprise clients looking for "lift and shift" are lucrative clients in the cloud market. But there are also millions of independent developers who need cloud tech at their scale.
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We chat with Gabe Monroy, the new chief product officer at DigitalOcean, about the customers big cloud companies are missing, how to get ready for the millions of new developers poised to enter the market, and the near-universal relevance of XKCD.

Episode Notes

We kick things off by weighing the merits of two gender-neutral regional pronouns: the familiar y’all and the under appreciated yinz. Now that’s covered…

The global population of developers will hit 45 million by 2030, up from 26.9 million in 2021 (EDC). What platforms will they want to build on?

Did Kubernetes solve all your problems? Did it create new ones?

It seems there’s always an XKCD relevant to our conversation. Today, it’s How standards proliferate.


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