The Overflow #103: Does modern parenting require spyware?

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Welcome to ISSUE #103 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: Get your metrics straight to speed up product delivery, eat your cereals to found civilization, and dazzle ‘em with animated website entrances.

From the blog

The four engineering metrics that will streamline your software delivery stackoverflow.blog Productive teams get product fixes and features out the door fast. Here are the metrics that tell you how fast your team is delivering.

Migrating a time-series database from InfluxDB to M3 stackoverflow.blog How Aiven moved from storing metrics in one giant InfluxDB to using a horizontally-scalable M3 database.

Podcast 396: Does modern parenting require spyware? stackoverflow.blog Should developers build tools for parents to monitor every aspect of their children’s digital lives?

CircleCI can deliver 664% ROI according to Forrester TEI Study promotion By migrating to CircleCI, organizations can see greater efficiency in their own environment through increased developer productivity, reduced system maintenance costs, drastically reduced infrastructure costs, and increased quality of code.

Interesting questions

Could any equation have predicted the results of this simulation? stats.stackexchange.com Behold the magic of mathematics!

Is looking for plain text strings on an encrypted disk a good test? security.stackexchange.com Garbled is not the same thing as encrypted.

How can I not get unfairly blamed for things by my boss? workplace.stackexchange.com Contrary to popular belief, it is not your boss’s job to estimate how long a task takes; that’s on you, bud.

Why are cereal grains so important to agriculture and civilization? history.stackexchange.com As a dependency, grains are easy to spin up an MVP and recover well from crashes, including those caused by bad actors.

Links from around the web

Blog page accessibility deep dive dev.to Blogs are for sharing your thoughts, so why not make them accessible to everyone?

Lighthouse user flows web.dev Lighthouse has a new API for testing more difficult scenarios for performance.

A handy little system for animated entrances in CSS css-tricks.com What if you went to a website and it didn’t just appear, but did a little something special?

ECMAScript proposals www.proposals.es A lot of new things are coming for JavaScript. Track when they’ll happen here!

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