Podcast 402: Teaching developers about the most lightweight web “framework” around, VanillaJS

How teaching beginners can highlight the concepts that you've internalized too much.

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We chat with Chris Ferdinandi, affectionately known as the VanillaJS guy. He has a newsletter, podcast, eBooks, and courses all trying to teach people to use more resilient and simple browser-native JavaScript free of the complications that come from elaborate frameworks.

Episode notes

What exactly is VanillaJS? Tongue-in-cheek, it's the most lightweight JavaScript framework out there and used by pretty much every website on the internet. Seriously though, it's just JavaScript…without a framework.

If you're interested in reading and learning more about JavaScript, Chris has a bevy of courses and eBooks over at vanillajsguides.com.

Like Chris's ideas so much you want to subscribe to his newsletter? Right over this way!

Since you are a connoisseur of podcasts, check out Chris's own at vanillajspodcast.com.

Chris has kindly put together a collection of resources for listeners like you at gomakethings.com/overflow.

This week’s Lifeboat badge goes to prograils for their answer to How can I read the number of lines in Fortran 90 from a text file?


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