Twilio launches Collective on Stack Overflow

More than 10 million developers use Twilio’s platform to add customer engagement solutions to their products and services. Now there’s an easy way to find helpful content and connect with experts from Twilio and the Stack Overflow community when you have questions.

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Twilio is a pioneer in enabling developers to integrate voice, video, email, and SMS capabilities into their web, desktop, and mobile software. Today, Twilio services power more than one trillion interactions a year, helping organizations improve customer service, engagement, and advanced communication capabilities without the need for an in-house team of experts.

Stack Overflow users interested in building with Twilio’s platform can join the company’s Collective, which launched today. Collectives™ are tag-defined subcommunities on Stack Overflow where you can find relevant information and get answers from subject matter experts on specific topics.

“More than 10 million developers have built on Twilio, creating innovative customer engagement experiences for their companies or — oftentimes — just scratching their own itch to create,” says Andrew Baker, VP of the Developer Network at Twilio. “Serving the developer community is imperative to Twilio’s success, which is why we strive to empower developers of all types. We want to meet these developers where they are and Stack Overflow offers tools and resources which help our developer community thrive. We’re looking forward to the growth of the Twilio Collective and we can’t wait to see what you build.”

Twilio's Collective page on Stack Overflow.

Anyone with a Stack Overflow account can join Twilio’s Collective. Joining makes it easy to see a curated view of more than 12,000 questions and answers that have been contributed by the Community using tags associated with Twilio’s technology, such as twilio, twilio-api, sendgrid and twilio-twiml.

You’ll also find Recommended Answers and answers provided by Recognized Members. Recognized Members are employees or users of Stack Overflow who have been selected by Twilio to share their expertise with the Community and recommend answers on the company’s behalf.

Let’s take a look at a few questions associated with Twilio’s Collective to see how this works. This question, “Twilio Voice calls using sub account,” includes an answer by a Recognized Member who is a Twilio employee. You’ll see a special badge on this user’s card.

Example an of answer by a Recognized Member who is a Twilio employee

This question, “Twilio permission to send sms has not been enabled for the region indicated,” was asked more than four years ago and has been viewed more than 45,000 times. Over the years, the Community has contributed five different answers. Users viewing this question will see one of the answers has the most upvotes and has been recommended by Twilio as the best solution.

Example of an answer that has been recommended by Twilio

As a Member, you can work your way up the leaderboard by answering questions associated with the collective (hint: this is also one of the tools Twilio can use to recruit Recognized Members).

You can also propose and author Articles, long-form content that covers different ground than traditional Q&A. Articles exist in two formats—how-to guides and technical knowledge articles—and are reviewed by a Recognized Member before publishing to ensure the content is relevant to the collective and meets the guidelines established with the Community.

Twilio is the fifth technology provider to launch on Collectives since its release in June 2021. To date, there are more than 48,500 members of Collectives.

To learn more about Collectives, visit https://stackoverflow.com/collectives.

To join Twilio’s Collective, visit https://stackoverflow.com/collectives/twilio.

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