Time to get on trend

Question: who's got a new lewk? Answer: Oh, you know

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Hello fellow coders. Hold your scroll for a hot second and let me hip you to some big news. We know the youth love to express themselves through social media. Posting pics with the perfect #hashtag and, of course, the latest and most lit filter. Well, starting today, Stack Overflow is all up in this party, fam. If you can be extra, so can we.

Before you start with the “Ok Boomer,” chill, bro, and check out the new looks we’ve created. Arriving on a Stack Overflow question page, you’ll find one of eight new styles every time you refresh, and will be unable to handle both our drip and our swag. An interface at the bottom lets you choose your filter or, if you’re feeling cheugy, yeet the filter and go back to the way things were.

What’s old is new again, and we’ve lowkey heard baggy pants and bangs are back. We love the 90s too! We were there! You can enjoy new looks inspired by the OG GOAT, Windows 3.1, and Hot Dog mode. It’s a vibe. Stop acting sus and get your squad together with matching Stack Overflow filters on fleek. It’s time to glow up and drink some tea with a fresh new filter pack. One might say it's hella dope.

This is the part where I remind you to smash that like and subscribe button, but since we don’t play like that here at Stack Overflow, try out some of our new lewks and maybe ask and answer some questions. Your fellow coders will stan.

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