The Overflow #123: Will Web3 build a better internet?

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Welcome to ISSUE #123 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: do developers think Web3 is the next big thing, are dynamic languages at a disadvantage in Agile, and how the web is getting weird again.

From the blog

New data: Do developers think Web3 will build a better internet? stackoverflow.blog Are blockchain and Web3 the future or are they just a fad? We asked the developer community about Web3, blockchain, crypto, and whether they are all hype or truly the future of the internet.

The robots are coming for (the boring parts of) your job stackoverflow.blog You’ve heard this question before. But in 2022, with AI increasingly ubiquitous in the lives of most coders, the issue feels more pressing.

What’s the average tenure of an engineer at a big tech company? (Ep. 434) stackoverflow.blog While many devs see landing a FAANG job as a major achievement, the data shows many don’t stay long after joining.

What do you need your CMS to be? promotion Headless, decoupled, or hybrid. Explore the extensible nature of Brightspot GO and learn how you can meet the needs of any project with a flexible architecture that allows your team to change and adapt into the future.

Interesting questions

What is meant by “latte-shaming”? ell.stackexchange.com When did we stop calling it avocado-toast-shaming?

How can I get an information security team to see that their over-the-top security measures are only decreasing security? workplace.stackexchange.com Perhaps they should also make people take off their shoes and check for stolen passwords.

Difference between Test case, Test specification, Test procedure and Test design? sqa.stackexchange.com Helpful advice for when you are studying for a test.

Are dynamic languages at disadvantage for agile development? softwareengineering.stackexchange.com Agile development takes more factors into account than just refactoring.

Links from around the web

Switch to HSL color format youtu.be You might love using RGBA or HEX for your web colors, but have you considered the benefits of HSL?

A web renaissance anildash.com People don’t trust big tech as much as they might have in the past, which is opening doors for the “weird and wonderful creativity of ordinary people.”

How to fix your low-contrast text benmyers.dev Low-contrast text is one of the most common accessibility defects. Here’s how to fix it!

Can community solve imposter syndrome? dev.to If you’re facing impostor syndrome and second-guessing yourself, you might need a place of belonging.

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