The Overflow #127: What we learned from DDoS attacks

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Welcomes to ISSUE #127 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the case for and against coding to anticipate future changes, the periennial question: feature or bug, and the fate of top-level domains when the associated country expires.

From the blog

The 2022 Developer Survey still needs you! stackoverflow.az1.qualtrics.com Our survey of how developers work and live is still open for input. By contributing to this survey, you help all developers understand their industry better.

Stack under attack: what we learned about handling DDoS attacks stackoverflow.blog When the bots came for us, we strengthened our defenses. Here's what we learned about parrying a few DDoS attacks.

Crystal balls and clairvoyance: Future-proofing in a world of inevitable change stackoverflow.blog While the future may be a mystery, you can design software to accommodate future changes. But how much future-proofing gets in the way of good design?

Building out a managed Kubernetes service is a bigger job than you think stackoverflow.blog Infrastructure as code is complicated enough, but building a managed IAC service is a whole other level of complicated.

Open-source is winning over developers and investors (Ep. 442) stackoverflow.blog Matt and Cassidy talk about the open-source startups winning investors and attention, why even small contributions to open-source projects are important, and how founders can encourage those contributions.

Claim your FREE .app or .dev domain from Porkbun promotion Porkbun is a refreshingly different domain name registrar offering an oddly satisfying experience. Right now, you can get a .app or .dev domain name for FREE. If you're a developer or designer, .app and .dev offer an ideal home for your next project. Claim your free domain today!

Interesting questions

Are there specific coding guidelines for test automation? sqa.stackexchange.com While code is code, test code is not the same as production code.

Are humans and other animals machines? philosophy.stackexchange.com If so, when does our warranty expire?

Is this GCC 12.1 const problem a bug or feature? “Attempts to call non-const function with const object” stackoverflow.com A non-trivial amount of software engineering involves asking, “Hey, is this supposed to happen?”

Most complete list of investment mistakes in stock markets quant.stackexchange.com What's the opposite of a bucket list?

Links from around the web

State of CSS 2022 web.dev New styling APIs were gifted to us at Google IO this year, like color functions, container queries, and more!

What happens to TLDs when their country stops existing? astrid.tech We might let a domain name or two expire, but what happens to our domains when...a country expires?

How to multiply Roman numerals rbutterworth.nfshost.com Sometimes it's worth looking to pre-internet days to learn some new tidbits.

Solid in 100 seconds www.youtube.com If you'd like to wrap your head around a new framework, check out Solid! It's very similar to React, but has some different naming and opinions.

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